Dual printering Klipper

Ever since installing Klipper+Fluidd on my printers I haven’t looked back. However, even though the Pi-per-printer configuration is great for experimenting, I’d like one of the Pi’s available for other purposes. There wasn’t a lot of information out there on how to do this so here we are.

Basic install

For this project I decided it was best to go with a fresh Raspberry OS install instead of using the premade Klipper image. Setting up the Pi is straightforward. I used the Raspberry Pi Imaging tool, wich lets you...

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Making strong passwords

Everyone knows that they should use strong passwords. The chance of getting compromised through a weak or exposed password is small, but the implications for your (digital) life could be painful. Sadly, picking strong passwords might not be intuitive. And since I can’t go around asking everyone around me to tell me their passwords to judge whether they’re good or not, the best I can do is write a guide to avoid common mistakes.

The TL;DR here is to use a password manager and use passwords based on fully random...

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Poking the beast

This post describes the peek/poke driver for the Zybo Z7-10. A peek/poke driver may be used to write to addresses that can be accessed from kernel space but not from user space. It serves as a good introductory project for making kernel modules.

Talking to our driver

The first thing to worry about for making this driver is how we’ll be talking to it. In this case, using sysfs makes more sense over devfs because we’ll always be dealing with small bits of data.

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Intro to linux kernel module programming on the Zybo Z7-10

This post describes my experience with first setting up my enviroment for working with the Zybo Z7-10.

It’s only a little scary

When originally drafting this post, this paragraph was titled “It’s not that scary.” And then I spent 4 days debugging the toolchain. But even though many things are different in kernel module land, it’s just another little step up from programming for userspace in C.

Getting set up

If you first venture out into embedded linux past Raspberries, you’ll quickly run into Buildroot, Yocto and Zephyr....

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A noobs guide to binary exploitation

As much as I’d like to make the ultimate guide to binary exploitation, there are people that have done much better than I can hope to achieve. However, one thing I struggled with was finding those resources. More than I realized, even. When I was starting out with CTFs, I did most of the PicoCTF binary exploitation challenges and thought I could do it all. Then I did a proper CTF and got a grand total of 0 points. The amazing fellow players pointed my nose in the right direction,...

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